Personal Injury

Your whole world can change when you’re suddenly injured by another, through no fault of your own. You’re in pain. You need medical treatment. Medical bills are an unavoidable crisis. You’re losing income because you’re unable to work. Worst of all, often the person who injured you, or their insurer, may just turn away, attempting to avoid responsibility.

Our goal and mission is to lift the legal burdens from your shoulders. Our pledge is to work diligently and tirelessly until you receive a full and fair recovery of damages. 

You are entitled under the law to be completely and fairly compensated for your injuries, your pain and suffering, your disabilities, the wages you lost, your medical expenses, and loss of the full enjoyment of your life. We will fight to secure the maximum recovery allowed by law to try to bring your life back to some level of comfort, both financially and emotionally. 

Our firm has achieved this goal, obtaining judgments and settlements into the several millions of dollars. We have represented our clients competently and consistently through the claims process, litigation, trials, and all levels of the appellate process. Our firm has experienced, dedicated attorneys, as well as state of the art computerized legal research to gather the law that can win your case. We practice in a number of areas, including auto accidents, offshore and maritime cases, medical malpractice, products liability, and wrongful death. Consultations are free. Then, we will handle your case on a contingency fee basis, for a percentage of whatever we secure for you. No attorney’s fees are due unless a recovery is obtained. 

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one and would like to discuss your legal rights, please call us for an appointment. 

Complex Litigation

Our firm has advised and counseled local business leaders from small companies to corporate giants. Our experienced staff supplies the legal knowledge to provide our clients with the confidence to make successful business decisions even in today’s complex economic environment.

We have been the leading plaintiff’s law firm in class action litigation on both the state and federal court levels. This litigation has involved everything from mass disasters to environmental torts. Our solid record of success in the field of complex tort litigation has provided us with insight into today’s important issues and the ability to effectively pursue justice for all of our clients.

Estate Planning & Succession

At times of emotional distress, individuals are faced with the responsibility of making important decisions which will affect the rest of their lives. Having an experienced and professional legal team who is a family law specialist at their disposal can ease the stress and anguish of making these important decisions.

The Law Offices of Sidney D. Torres, III, APLC is committed to helping our clients through these difficult times by providing both professional and emotional support.

We have represented clients in all aspects of domestic litigation including divorce, custody, support, property issues and mediation.

The firm counsels clients regarding Estate Planning, including drafting of wills, living wills, powers of attorney and trusts. Our offices have handled successions of all sizes and complexity, and we work diligently to complete successions in a reasonable time.

While the emotional distress brought on by divorce or death can sometimes seem unbearable, our caring, personalized approach to the practice of family law helps to ease our clients’ burden during these difficult emotional times.

Real Estate

Our firm takes great pride in its ability to handle all aspects of the real estate transaction with the highest level of professional competency.

In 1974, Sidney D. Torres, III was licensed as a Title Insurance Agent. This enabled the law firm to offer the benefits of Owner’s and Mortgagee’s Title Insurance protection. As the firm grew and its requirements increased, Property Title, Inc., a title insurance agency, was formed as a division of the firm.

Today, the firm boasts a total of over forty years experience in handling real estate transactions. Staffed with Real Estate Attorneys, Notaries Public, Abstractors and Notarial Secretaries, the firm enjoys a reputation for handling the complete real estate transaction. We are an approved Attorney/Notary for all major lenders throughout the State of Louisiana and specialize in Commercial, Conventional, Construction, Owner Financing transactions and all curative matters.

Our long standing real estate clients have been confident in our handling of their transactions. Through our commitment to service and reliability, the firm has enjoyed a steady growth in this department. Learn more about our Real Estate services by visiting Property Title.